DISCLAIMER: The upcycled products produced and sold by Happy Hour Candle Co and More are not endorsed or sponsored by the manufacturers or distributors of these original product brands sold. Our products are handmade by Happy Hour Candle Co and More, they are empty discarded bottles collected from local restaurants and bars. We repurpose the glass bottles into new products.

We give each of our products a boiling water test to simulate the heat from a burning candle to discard any imperfections beforehand. However, we cannot guarantee that imperfections may not appear after end use by consumers. If at any time the product becomes defective such as but not limited to chips, cracks, missing pieces; please refrain from use. 

Bottles that currently do not hold up to a boiling water test and we do not use:

Any Jack or Jim brand
Happy Hour Candle Co and More is an upcycling glass art studio. We pride ourselves on re-purposing items that would otherwise have been discarded - we give new life!  

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