Coconut wax candles may seem more expensive than traditional paraffin wax candles

Coconut wax candles may seem more expensive than traditional paraffin wax candles, but there are several reasons for this price difference

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Coconut wax is made from natural and renewable resources, making it an environmentally friendly option. Unlike paraffin, which is a byproduct of petroleum, coconut wax is a more sustainable choice

Longer Burn Time: Coconut wax has a slower burn rate than other waxes, meaning your candle will last longer. This extended burn time can make coconut wax candles more cost-effective in the long run.

 Cleaner Burning: Coconut wax produces minimal soot and smoke when burned, resulting in cleaner air quality. This is a significant advantage over paraffin wax, which can release harmful chemicals into the air when burned.


Quality of Scent: Coconut wax is known for its excellent scent throw, meaning it can more easily fill up a space with smell. This enhances the overall experience of using the candle.

 Production Costs: The process of making coconut wax is more complex and costly compared to the production of paraffin wax. This contributes to the higher price of coconut wax candles.

While the initial cost of coconut wax candles may be higher, the benefits they offer in terms of sustainability, burn time, air quality, and scent experience provide excellent value for money. It’s an investment in a superior product that also supports environmental sustainability.